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The Roads & Bridges Top 10 Awards recognize the most outstanding road and bridge projects of the year. Winning projects are innovative and creative. They improve the area’s infrastructure and the lives of motorists. And the submitting teams show that they worked together, in cooperation with the community and stakeholders, to overcome challenges. We invite you to nominate your project.

Winning applications have this in common: they are long and tell a story. So, the more you write, and the more photographs you submit, the better your chances.

Entry Information

Early Bird Entry Fee: $295 U.S. for the first entry. Additional entries from the same company are $195 each. 
Early Bird Deadline: August 15, 2024

Regular Entry Fee: $395 U.S. for the first entry. Additional entries from the same company are $295 each.
Final Deadline: September 15, 2024

Payment: Credit card payments are preferred, but an invoice can also be requested. 


  1. Projects must have been complete or have reached the final construction phase within the past 14 months.
  2. The entire project must be submitted (not one specific phase or aspect of the project).
  3. You must submit a completed entry form for each individual project entered.
  4. A project may only be entered once (we know a bridge also is a road, but we are judging bridges separately). If you are submitting a long highway project with multiple bridges, that goes in the roads category.
  5. Editorial has the right to move entries to more appropriate categories if necessary (company will be notified of category change).


Each entry will undergo a preliminary review by the editorial team to ensure its accuracy, innovativeness, and eligibility. If the editorial team has any questions or concerns regarding the product entry, they will reach out to the applicant.

All entries will then be judged by our editorial staff, who will evaluate the projects on six criteria:

  1. Design
  2. Technology utilization
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Level of improvement over current infrastructure
  5. How the project team overcame obstacles
  6. Collaboration with stakeholders and community


The projects selected for our Top 10 Roads and Top 10 Bridges Awards will be published in our November/December issue. Those who submit projects will be notified that they are on the Top 10 list, but we won’t say what place (we want the final list to be a surprise). We also might interview members of the submitting team for the story. Projects will be featured on Roads & Bridges’ website and promoted in newsletters and across social media channels.

Projects that do not make their respective Top 10 list might still get a chance at recognition. Many projects have been featured as stories in later issues of Roads & Bridges. These awards are always competitive, but if you have a great project and fill out the form completely, we will find a way to honor your work.


For questions about the Top 10 Awards, please contact Gavin Jenkins, senior managing editor, at gjenkins@endeavorb2b.com.

For billing questions, contact Adrienne Miller at amiller@endeavorb2b.com.

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